Our Plan

  1. Make a list where defibrillators are located throughout the community and publish it.
    This has been accomplished with the "defibrillator locations" page of this web site. The list will also be published occasional in The Westerly Sun.

  2. Determine where new defibrillators are needed most.
    This is an ongoing process. If you have a suggestion where an AED should be located, please contact us.

  3. Raise money to help purchase AEDs.
    You can help by making a donation.

  4. Provide access to an AED distributor for those who are able to purchase their own unit.
    We are continually looking for the best devices, and the best prices. You can purchase a unit here.

  5. Train people throughout the community to use them.
    A CPR and AED course is approximately $40, and it only takes about three hours.
    Click here to learn more.